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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why Am I Catholic?

During Lent this year, our parish has been reflecting on encounters with Jesus; how encounters with Jesus are shown in the Gospel and encounters with Jesus we have had in our own lives.

We have been encouraged to write our faith story, to reflect and write out why we are Catholic. 

Holy Week begins on Sunday, beginning the most important week of our year. It is fitting to spend some time reflecting on why we are who we are, why we do what we do and why we believe what we believe. 

I have spent my morning briefly answering this question. 

Why am I Catholic?

I am Catholic because I know Jesus as a REAL person, as the Son of God, and have felt His very real presence in my life. I have felt His grace in my heart, changing me and helping me to become a better wife, mother and woman.

I am Catholic because I am a sinner, who makes selfish choices every day and I need a Savior. By the grace of Jesus Christ, sin has less power in my life than it once did. This is not to my credit, but to His.

I am Catholic because Jesus died for me, personally, just as He did for everyone. The very First Father sacrificed His Son to be killed for my sins so that I may join Him in heaven one day.

I am Catholic because I believe in the Eucharist. Through this sacrament, I actually am able to receive my Savior, to receive His grace in a tangible way every time I go to Mass. God becomes part of my being in a way that I can see with my eyes and feel in my hands.

I am Catholic because through my faith, I belong to a family who loves me, encourages me, supports me, challenges me and helps me to grow closer to Jesus. This family feeds the hungry, serves the poor, cares for the sick and loves Jesus as I do.

I am Catholic because of the richness and truth I continue to discover in my faith. The wisdom of the Catholic Church has developed over 2000 years and is much more than I could ever try to understand in my lifetime. But through the richness and depth of Catholicism, I continue to come closer to God.

I am NOT Catholic because our Churches are full of perfect people. The humanity of our Church will always struggle. We will always be sinners.

I am Catholic because Jesus is my King 
and my friend.

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